Monday, September 22, 2014

Give Reagan's Polyp A Dollar

It’s a cliché, but I honestly don’t know how to begin to describe Reagan’s Polyp, the prolific, perverse, musically unpredictable creation of Krel and Astronaut Body. Between 1992 and 2002, the duo (with occasional collaborators) released something like 25 to 30 albums. They get reduced to “punk” more times than not. But their musical story is much bigger and weirder than that. The liner notes to “Love Overdrive,” the band’s compilation of “unpopular favorites,” describes them as “avant garde anti-music.” That’s as good a description as any, but it doesn’t really capture that holy shit, what the hell did I just listen to feeling one should have at the end of a Reagan’s Polyp record. That’s the feeling that either compels you to play the record again, over and over, for probably more people, put the CD on a shelf where you won’t be tempted to play it ever again. The first kind of people are more fun.

Vetoxa Records has just issued the first three out of 12 Reagan’s Polyp reissues the label has planned for the next year or so. Facefuckingbatspermantidotepudding (1994), Deadenator (1998), and America Needs More Ass (2001) were re-released in physical and digital formats last week. Different recordings of “Citizen Dwarf” are the second track on all three albums. The version in the video above is from Deadenator, but the version on Face… is my favorite Reagan’s Polyp cut, so it’s the one I recommend you give up your hard earned dollar (and twenty-nine cents) for.

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