Monday, September 29, 2014

Give Mothwind a Dollar

After gigging around for a couple of years, Little Rock’s Mothwind (made up of veteran players Jeremy Partin from Vore, Kevin Rains from Holy Angel, and Mike Mullins from Underclaire and Year of the Tiger) are set to release their debut record, In The Clutches Of The Novae, at a show this weekend at the White Water Tavern.

Mothwind hits that sweet spot of arty, occasionally proggy, metal-influenced rock. Comparisons to bands like Mastodon are probably inevitable. But they’ve got the goods to stand on their own.

You can pre-order In The Clutches Of The Novae at Mothwind’s Bandcamp page. When you do, you get an immediate download of the first single, “Sunbender,” which you can also buy individually for one dollar.

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