Monday, September 8, 2014

Give Brother Andy a Dollar

If you’ve been out to hear live music in Little Rock anytime in the last several years, you’ve probably seen or heard Andy Warr. He’s the leader of the Arkansas Times Musician Showcase winning Brother Andy & His Big Damn Mouth, a burly band of boisterous barroom brawling rock ‘n’ rollers. He plays or has played in Iron Tongue, Sweet Eagle, Booyah! Dad, and a bunch of other bands. Lately, he’s started a new “dad rock” band, Marvin Berry, whose music you can buy for a paltry $500 a song.

But, what I want you to listen to this week is a cut from his Acoustic Demo album called “The Dumbest Things.” When Brother Andy turns down the volume, you find out what a really great songwriter he is.  With the guitar amps turned all the way up, it’s easy to miss the lovesick heartbreak, the self-reflection, reluctant maturity, and the kind of stubborn optimism (if not outright hope) recurrent in his music. Once you hear it, though, you see it everywhere in his body of work. The song also has a cool animated video.

The song is embedded below for your listening convenience. Click on the buy button and give Andy Warr a dollar.

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