Saturday, January 31, 2015

Give Duckstronaut A Dollar

Image courtesy of Duckstronaut.

There’s not another band in Little Rock like Duckstronaut. Fronted by Aaron Sarlo (he of The Dangerous Idiots, Laundry For The Apocalypse, Techno Squid Eats Parliament, as well as solo troubadour and comedian, and holder of many strong, yet reasonable, opinions) who plays guitar and electric dulcimer, ace rhythm section of Matt Rakes on bass and Bryan Baker on drums, and rounded out by Adrian Brigman on electric washboard and sampled sounds, Duckstronaut built a terrific reputation for itself based on fantastic live shows and churning out sounds unlike any other band.

Starting today, you can take those sounds home with you for the first time. Tabanid Camisade hit the digital shelves of Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and all the usual streaming services earlier today. Tonight, you can pick up a copy of the EP burned into a shiny plastic and aluminum disc at a CD release party at the White Water Tavern with support from Collin vs.Adam and Sea Nanners.

Stream the EP at the link below and Give Duckstronaut A Dollar.

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